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    MCG motion capture GmbH Founded by Seasoned Medtech and Digital Health Entrepreneurs

    - Unparalleled expertise in precision motion analysis and digital care
    - Novel motion biomarker solutions for, pharma, healthcare, OHM and sports

    Heidelberg and Potsdam, Germany, May 15, 2019 – A team of seasoned European healthcare entrepreneurs today announced the foundation of MCG motion capture GmbH (MCG), the world’s first precision motion analysis and digital care company. The team combines decades of expertise in the medtech, digital health and biopharmaceutical industry, including big data integration, analysis for decision support, and long-standing experience in clinical trials as well as the regulatory and reimbursement landscape in Europe and the U.S. MCG´s business is based on proprietary, high-quality wearables, comprehensive data sets and advanced analytics.

    The Company aims to improve motion-related conditions and diseases such as chronic back pain, diabetic foot ulcer, endoprothetic complications or neurodegenerative disorders. These conditions are among the main cost-drivers in healthcare spending worldwide.

    MCG is working on a new generation of dynamic motion analysis solutions based on spine and in-sole sensors and cloud-based analytics. The Company builds on seven years of experience and data generated with the already approved and reimbursed Epionics spine sensor, the current medical gold standard for motion analysis of the spine in the real word environment. Among others, the sensor measures the extension, flexion, rotation, and lateral inclination of the spine for up to 24 hours and already has been used in clinical trials by two undisclosed pharma companies.

    At present, the Company is developing a new generation of the spine sensor providing for lower cost of goods, longer usage by both consumers and medical specialists and better connectivity. The second product in development is an in-sole sensor for the long-term measurement, precise and permanent recording of ground reaction forces under real-life conditions outside the lab.

    MCG will address four business sectors: healthcare, occupational health management (OHM), sports, and the biopharmaceutical industry. For each application, raw data will be analyzed to provide healthcare professionals with better diagnosis as well as monitoring of the disease and treatment progress. Moreover, MCG´s solutions offer health information and/or services for individual patients and advanced research and development support for pharma and medtech companies.

    “MCG motion capture GmbH is set out to become the world’s first medical motion biomarker company, making the most of personalized motion data,” said Hartmut Voss, Co- Founder and Co-CEO of MCG. “We combine high-quality medical device-grade wearables with precision motion analysis based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. This will enable better diagnostics and monitoring, provide decision support and enable the development of digitally guided care concepts.”

    “Current motion analysis solutions are hampered by high cost of goods, the inability to track dynamic movement for a longer period of time and lack of medical device-grade quality outside the laboratory,” said Michael Weber, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of MCG. “Our approach addresses these shortcomings and generates sophisticated motion biomarkers and digital care solutions for the cost-efficient prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of motion-related disorders."

    MCG is preparing for a Series A financing round with top-tier venture capital investors. The Company will present at the following conferences in May and June: Bio€quity 2019 (Barcelona, May 20-21), Digital Health Venture Forum (Porto, May 23-24) and NOAH (Berlin, June 13-14). Moreover, MCG will attend BIO 2019 (Philadelphia, PA, June 3-6).


    About Motion Capture Group
    MCG motion capture GmbH is a leading provider of next-generation precision motion analysis and digital care solutions. The Company´s cloud-based solutions focus on the prevention, diagnosis, analysis and alleviation of motion-related conditions and diseases.

    MCG combines unparalleled medical, digital and health economic expertise, spanning from sensor development, bioinformatics, and digital health to clinical trials and the registration and commercialization of high-quality medical devices.

    With its solutions, MCG is addressing the sports market (e.g. marathon runners), occupational health management (e.g. bus, train and truck drivers), the healthcare sector (e.g. TEP post-surgery rehab management, diabetic foot ulcer, chronic back pain), and the biopharmaceutical industry (e.g. motion biomarkers in clinical drug trials).

    MCG is based in Heidelberg and Potsdam, Germany.

    Hartmut Voss / Michael Weber
    MCG motion capture GmbH
    Waldhofer Str. 102
    69123 Heidelberg
    Tel. +49 6221 825 9670

    Media Inquiries
    Dr. Ludger Wess / Ines-Regina Buth
    Managing Partners
    Tel. +49 40 88 16 59 64
    Tel. +49 30 23 63 27 68

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